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We have one single featured business at a time and an idea and we need and  want your "2 cents." 
Our community is ready for your opinion, (and monetary help). 

Two Cents In

Welcome, all.

What's your opinion worth? Well, as the old saying goes, "2 cents."  But we ask that you support our featured company as you see fit.  Give your 2 cents or $2002.02.  Funds go to the company to get started. 

Our forum is a place for you to give an opinion of a business idea and website, and actually let the owners know exactly what you think of the idea.  You get to collaborate, contribute, and interact.

Our community is open to all who willingly give their 2 cents. One condition: New contributors must write comments to us about the new business and pay the .02 cents. Consider it a great way to really "Give your 2 cents."

Seriously, give 2 cents.

Give your 2 cents.

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